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Today more than 20 states across the country have chosen options in place of or in addition to the GED test to help students earn their state-issued high school equivalency certificate.

You'll need to decide which test is best for you.

Before you take your first step, go to the HiSET® website and have a look around. It is here you will sign up for your HiSet account, which you will need to make an appointment to take your tests.

Next have a look at the HISET videos to witness the experience of other students who have taken the HiSET Exam.

State Eligibility Requirements: To take the HiSET exam in California you must be a California resident or member of the armed forces assigned to this state and meet the following requirements.

California HiSET Requirements

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Study for the HiSetTop of Page

So you want to take the Hiset exam but you need to brush up on your skills before your you take the exam?

We have classes you can enroll in at the Adult school that can help.

Please see the HSE: New Students Page for Enrollment and Orientation Information.