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Partners in Learning - Volunteer Tutors

Partners in Learning is the tutoring program of the Sequoia District Adult School. Our students come from a variety of cultures. Many have had little or no schooling. Others were highly educated in their own countries. What all students share is the motivation to learn English. Volunteer tutors commit to two hours a week working with a teacher in an ESL, GED, High School Diploma classroom. Volunteers can also sign up to tutor students taking ESL classes at Cañada College.

To learn more, contact Kara Rosenberg, Volunteer Coordinator, at (650) 388-2314 or via e-mail at

About tutors in the program

Our tutors have a wealth of experiences and backgrounds. They need only to be able to read, write and speak English themselves, and to share those skills. Many tutors have retired from their professional lives, while others add tutoring to an already busy schedule.

Tutors help their students become more skilled and self confident, gain greater independence and increase their ability to support themselves and their families. Tutors themselves benefit in many ways. They enjoy sharing skills and learning about other countries and cultures. They make new friends and help our community be more cohesive.

You can help. A few hours a week is all it takes to help those in need to improve their English, Math or Science skills. 

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