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Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic JobTrain is offering it's classes online Click Here to see which classes are being offered. Call Ruben 650-330-6432 for additional information

Online classes offered at JobTrain
Since 1998 Sequoia District Adult School has cultivated a strong collaboration with JobTrain.
JobTrain prepares students for successful, sustainable careers in high demand and emerging fields.
Orientations are scheduled  every Friday at 9:00 am.  Interested applicants will go through the following process when they come for the orientation.
  • JobTrain orientation
  • Intake process and  assessment
If the applicant meets the assessment scores and other specific eligibility criteria for the program of their interest then they will get referred to the program counselors, who will in turn confirm their eligibility and give them more info during in the program specific information sessions.
Liliana Campos
(650) 306-8866 ext. 77935
Room 6B
  • To access the programs and resources at JobTrain