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Sequoia District Adult School has been serving the mid-peninsula community since it was founded in 1921; the school opened its North Fair Oaks site in 1989. Serving more than two thousand community members annually, the school provides a positive life-long learning environment that encourages individual student success while responding to the diverse needs of the community served by the Sequoia district. 
Students can study English as a Second Language and take preparation classes needed to earn a High School Diploma or a High School Equivalency certificate. In partnership with Cañada Community College, Sequoia Adult School offers an ESL college class on-site; counselors are available to help students succeed in school and transition to college or a career pathway.

Equity Statement
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At Sequoia Adult School we aspire to be an inclusive institution where we value all forms of diversity and treat it as a strength.
Being a part of the North Fair Oaks community, we have the unique opportunity to serve members of a vibrant immigrant population. 
We strive to be welcoming, empathetic, and supportive of our diverse population in order to empower our adult learners and staff to achieve their academic as well as personal goals. We aim to do this by regularly examining our school’s programs, curriculum, policies, and practices. This self-evaluation process helps us create an equitable school community where we provide quality educational experiences while recognizing the needs of each individual and offering relevant resources and support.E

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Fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the school's mission is to provide quality programs in which students develop the skills needed to find and retain employment, support their children in the pre-K to 12 educational system, and contribute to vibrant and healthy communities.

ACCEL San Mateo County
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ACCEL San Mateo County - ACCEL (Adult-Education, College, Career, Educational Leadership) an adult education consortium, consists of five adults schools and three community colleges in San Mateo County: Jefferson Adult Education (Daly City)
La Costa Adult School (Half Moon Bay)
San Mateo Adult School
Sequoia Adult School (Menlo Park)
South San Francisco Adult Education
Cañada College (Redwood City)
College of San Mateo and Skyline College (San Bruno)
The schools and colleges work together to offer quality, affordable programs that set you on a college path and a career.
Adult-Education College and Career Educational Leadership (ACCEL) is the planning body for San Mateo County responsible for carrying out the charge and opportunity of AB 86. ACCEL is collaboratively rethinking and redesigning Adult Education to accelerate student success.
We are a coalition of adult schools, community colleges, and partners throughout the region. Our mission is to support adult education students' transition to college, workplace success, and community contributions.
The California Legislature passed the AB 86 Adult Education Consortium Planning program to develop a seamless system of transitions between Adult Schools and Community Colleges. ACCEL's goal is to create collaborative relationships, systems, and strategies to achieve sustainable results as community needs change.
Our collaboration includes:
  • A countywide Steering Committee developing integrated regional strategies
  • Collaborative Action Teams (CATs) creating targeted initiatives to meet sub-regional needs
  • Partnerships with community organizations, public agencies, employers, labor and philanthropy
    to expand options for adult learners
Collaborative Action Teams
ACCEL Collaborative Action Teams (CAT) are the main vehicle for developing collaborative plans and building ongoing capacity. Teams bring together staff from both sectors to review data and developed shared strategies. Four teams will address the unique areas of the county:
South County
Cañada College
Job Train
Sequoia Adult School

North County
Skyline College
Jefferson Adult School
South San Francisco Adult School

Coastside County
Cañada College
Cunha Intermediate School
Half Moon Bay High Cabrillo School
Half Moon Bay Library
Pilarcitos High School
La Costa Adult School 
Puente de la Costa Sur

Central County
College of San Mateo
San Mateo Adult School