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*No Concurrent Class will be offered in Spring 2019  

Guidelines for Concurrent High School Students Attending Adult School Classes:

The Adult School offers Concurrent Enrollment classes for Sequoia district students who need credit recovery.

Classes are held at Sequoia District Adult School.  Please see calendar for current times.

We have three sessions per year, Fall starts in September, Spring in January and the Summer session begins in June.

Please note, concurrent students will remain enrolled at your school while they are earning credits at the Adult school. The Sequoia District Adult School can provide limited opportunities for day high school students to attend adult classes. The following conditions apply:

  1. Early Graduation: At no time may adult school classes be used for acceleration
    leading to early graduation.

  2. Credit: Any senior who is currently enrolled in 25 credits per semester (or
    a maximum load at Redwood), and who is still deficient in credits for his class
    standing, may take classes for credit. Adult classes may not be used to improve a
    passing grade received at the comprehensive high school.

  3. Dismissal: Poor attendance, lack of progress or behavior that is disruptive to an
    adult class can be cause for dismissal from the program. Students will be dropped
    from the program at the discretion of the Adult school.


A copy of the student transcript and current schedule.
A Concurrent Application must be attached.

For more information contact:

Tracy Smith
(650) 306-8866 ext. 77921

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